Cross-cultural hikes between South Africa and Lesotho

Cross-cultural hiking routes are designed to add cultural interaction to the enjoyment of the scenic beauty and splendour of the Drakensberg and Lesotho. Typical examples would be a hike incorporating a night or nights in a wilderness cave in the Maloti Drakensberg World Heritage Site with a night or nights in a Basotho Village in Lesotho or a night or nights in a Zulu village in the Mnweni area of the Northern Drakensberg. These visits are designed to financially benefit families within the village communities.

Other possibilities would be hikes or visits to mountain communities, primarily focused on the cultural aspects. In the Mnweni area of the Northern Drakensberg it is possible to enjoy a village visit with virtually no hiking at all! This would suit those who are unable to walk long distances for any reason.

The village stays are genuine experiences, interacting with people going about their daily lives. In some cases we can enjoy impromptu dances by the children and demonstrations by the local traditional healers, but in each case they are real and unplanned. On our walks around the villages, we sometimes stop to enjoy some traditional beer with the locals, or visit a school. There is always a lot to see!